Transmitting video over vast distances requires reliable networks, especially when safety and security are concerned. That’s why Siqura surveillance solutions offer one of the largest assortments of fiber optic equipment in the world for both point-to-point and optical add/drop CWDM configurations. Since Siqura is determined to ensure optimal performance whenever and wherever it’s needed, all of the Siqura fiber products are field-hardened to withstand the harshest conditions and most extreme temperatures. Moreover, Siqura offers the most compact fiber solutions available anywhere.

Siqura is also committed to providing complete surveillance solutions and therefore offers fiber optic devices that support fiber to IP transitions, making it easy to use them in hybrid networks. Additionally, Siqura wants to make safety and security accessible to everyone, so each Siqura fiber product is adjustment-free and hot-swappable. The UTF fiber models also include Easy-C™, a group of receivers that only use one external data connection, which simplifies configuration and maintenance, for example, for that of PTZ connections. Furthermore, Siqura codecs offer an optional SFP connector, so creating a complete solution using both Siqura fiber and codec devices is advantageously clear-cut. With a comprehensive five-year warranty and a network management interface for remote device health monitoring, you can rest assured that your Siqura solution will last for many years to come.