TRIAX’s range of solutions for satellite reception include:
  • TD Dishes: For installers who want to minimise installation time and for end users demanding long lasting, quality solutions
  • DAP Fibre Glass Dishes: Extra high durability for extreme conditions (eg. coastal areas and mountain regions)
  • LNBs and all other complementary items for direct-to-home or community network installations
  • Accessories suchs as different types of LNB brackets, splitters, plugs and outlets
TSS 400 SAT>IP server
Article number: 310101
TRIAX TSS 400 SAT>IP server receives classic SAT signals, converts them and distributes them to up to four different clients / units in the IP network. The SAT signals can be fed via Quad or Quattro-LNbs. Optical LNBs with converter or Unicable-LNBs are also supported.
The SATIP server is easily set
TRIAX S-HD 207 CX - Conax - DVB-S2 receiver
TRIAX S_HD 207 CX – Conax
DVB-S2 MPEG-4; H264 set top box with embedded Conax and USB connector for external HDD. HDTV and SDTV. HDMI formats: 1080i, 720p, 576i. Upscalling of SD programs on HDMI. PVR Ready using external HDD via USB 2.0. DiSEqC 1.2
TOL 32 - Optical SAT Fullband LNB, 32-way
TOL 32
The TRIAX TOL32 Optical LNB is a high quality, high performance universal LNB, that, in addition to excellent LNB performance, provides a 1310 nm wideband optical output where all four satellite polarities are stacked into one frequency range (950-5450 MHz). Using modern laser technology
Samsung GX-VI680SJ UHD DVB-S2
Article number: 305407
The Samsung GX-VI680SJ UHD DVB-S2 is an UHD satellite receiver VIASAT certified.
2 satellite inputs, 2 USB 3.0 access, Ethernet port to get access to Viaplay service.
Build-in Wi-Fi 802.11ac (dual band 2.4 & 5 GHz), Bluetooth .
Teletext, parental control, favorite list, EPG 7 days. PVR ready via
TVQ 06 - Mini Re-converter Quatro
Article number: 307640
TVQ 06 Re-converter Quatro
TVQ 06 is a mini optical-to-coax converter which convert frequency stacked optical signals provided from an Opto-LNB TOL or TOU 232-Kit (IRS 1) sidecar unit into four legacy universal single coax signals like a Quatro LNB. The converter also provide a coax DTT/DAB/FM]
TMS 17x16C - Casc.16SAT+1TER / 16out
TMS 17x16C Cascadable. TRIAX TMS 17x series is an easy to install multiswitch system for use where 4 satellite positions are required. A terrestrial input is available to allow terrestrial as well as satellite signals to be available on all subscribers outputs. Satellite position switchning is
AE 75 Quatro Switch - RAL 7035 - Kit
AE 75 QS
CAM Videoguard CI+, Viasat
Article number: 300214
Videoguard CI+ CA Module VIASATapproved.

  • CA-modul to watch VIASAT channels on TV sets equiped with a satellite tuner and a CI+ slot.
TMS 17 / IF-amplifier
Article number: 301501
TRIAX TMS 17 / IF-amplifiers with 17 inputs and outputs. Boost your signal to get more mileage. Using a TMS line amplifier you. can compensate for the cable loss in your distribution system. Line amplifiers for cascadable systems. 18-24 dB amplification on each output (switchable 6dB/flat slope).