Broadcast variable-D dynamic cardioid microphone RE20


Broadcast variable-D dynamic cardioid microphone “EV”

– Frequency response 45 Hz – 18 kHz
– Broadcast show hosts and voice-over studios
– Instrument recording, Kick drums and Acoustic guitars

– Continuously Variable-D with minimal proximity effect

Key Features:
• Favorite of broadcast show hosts and voiceover studios
• Ideal for instrument recording, especially
kick drums and acoustic guitars
• Studio condenser response yet no powering
required and immune to overloading
• Large Acoustalloy diaphragm and low-mass
aluminum voice coil
• Dual-ported, continuously Variable-D® with
minimal proximity effect
• Steel case and hum-bucking coil provide
exceptional magnetic shielding

Technical Specifications:


Generating Element: Dynamic
Frequency Response: 45 – 18,000 H
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Impedance: 150 ohms balanced
Sensitivity, Open Circuit Voltage, 1 kHz: 1.5 mV/pascal
Hum Pickup Level, typical(60 Hz/ 1 millioersted field): -130 dBm
Polarity: Pin 2 will be positive referenced to Pin 3 with positive pressure on diaphragm
Case Material: Stee
Length: 216.7 mm (8.53) in.
Widest Diameter: 54.4 mm (2.14) in.
Body Diameter: 49.2 mm (1.94 )in.
Finish: Fawn Beig
Net Weight: 737 g (1 lb, 10 oz)
Shipping Weight: 1,474 g (3 lb, 4 oz)
Accessories Furnished: 81715 stand clam
Optional Accessories: 309A shock-mounted stand adapter fo use with floor stand or recording boom

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 29.5 × 8.8 cm