• Innovative wall‑mount system makes installation quick and easy.
  • All models are IP54 certified for weather resistance; IP65‑certified weatherproof versions are available for the 5.25‑inch models and the dual‑10‑inch subwoofers.
  • Superior Electro‑Voice sound quality with controlled coverage for keeping background music focused and paging intelligible. Handles higher SPLs for use in bars, clubs and restaurants.
  • Low-Z (8 ohms) and transformer (70/100V) models available for maximum flexibility.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: all wiring to the loudspeaker can be hidden; all models are paintable and feature removable grilles. Rotatable logos help maintain correct appearance for horizontal positioning.

EVID‑S is the latest member of the EVID (EV Innovative Design) family of commercial loudspeakers.

Acoustically matched and aesthetically compatible with other EVID models, the EVID‑S series incorporates innovative features that efficiently and effectively address the real‑world needs of both the installer and the end‑user — easy installation and exceptional Electro‑Voice audio performance in an incredibly versatile format.

Designed with the contractor in mind, with unique time‑saving and performance‑enhancing features to simplify installation.

The EVID‑S series was designed from the ground up to be the new go‑to choice for distributed sound systems — compact and cost‑effective with no compromises. The lineup includes 4‑inch, 5.25‑inch and 8‑inch 2‑way models with matching dual‑10‑inch and 12‑inch subwoofers, making it easy to select a suitable model for a specific space, indoors or outdoors. Each member of the series offers true weather‑resistant construction, confirmed by extensive and rigorous testing above and beyond industry norms. Combining low‑profile looks with robust, set‑it‑and‑forget‑it reliability, they are ideal for bars, restaurants, patio areas, retail spaces, hotel hallways and lobbies, pool areas, airport lounges and concourses, fitness clubs, houses of worship, performing arts centers and similar venues.