Wire Microphone

The PL Series is a comprehensive family of vocal and instrument microphones for the professional live sound and studio community. Featuring seven vocal models and three instrument models, the PL Series’ exceptional durability, sonic performance and contemporary styling meet the needs of today’s sound system professional.
A mic with real personality, the Cardinal couples Class-A discreet ultra-low noise amplifier circuitry with a gorgeous, streamlined modern design to deliver an exceptional visual and aural experience. Hand-crafted from natural hardwood, and finished with a luxurious and durable cherry-red high-gloss poly coat, the Cardinal turns both eyes and ears. Offering both the finesse required for studio work and the durability needed for live gigs, the Cardinal is a new EV classic that more than holds its own in looks and performance.
Offering classic design and rugged performance, the Raven dazzles both eyes and ears with its build, fit, and finish. Featuring a high-performance dynamic element housed within a bullet-proof metal body, the Raven is an ideal choice for vocals of any kind, and shines as well as for acoustic and electric instruments with wide dynamic range. Stable even when subjected to transients of up to 162 dB SPL, the Raven delivers superb detail under the harshest acoustical conditions.
The Electro-Voice N/DYM series is a class apart from any other microphone line. Featuring a powerful neodymium magnetic structure, N/DYM microphones deliver exceptionally clear sound, handling that’s comfortable and safe, and EV’s unique Vocally-Optimized Bass™ technology. Optimized for superior on-stage power and clarity, N/DYM microphones offer the ultimate in touring and concert performance.
With sonic quality and versatility proven at the highest levels, the performance group from EV’s RE Series have become trusted industry standards for both stage and studio use. These premium-grade handheld and stand-mount condensers boost your stage sound from good to great, and they also deliver the depth, personality, and sheen required for professional recording.