CPSContractor Precision Series amplifiers combine top-quality performance and reliability with innovative designs perfectly tailored to the needs of professional sound installation. Available in 2 RU configurations of up to eight channels, CPS amps are compact and efficient to operate, with every detail thought through from the contractor’s point of view. For fast installation and setup, each model features Phoenix-type input and output connectors, programmable power-on delay, remote power-on/off, rear-mounted attenuators, and switchable high-pass filters. For worry-free dependability, there’s full protection against hazards such as excessive heat, overloads, shorts, DC, back-EMF, and inrush current. And for the ultimate in system control and supervision, the optional RCM-810 module enables the inclusion of CPS amps in IRISNet networks of up to 250 devices. Offering exceptional ease, flexibility, and audio performance, CPS series is the ideal installation solution for cinema, club sound, commercial sound/life safety, and performance and sports venues.
Building on a legacy of power and performance, Q Series amps take Electro-Voice’s unique amplifier philosophy to a new level of efficiency and value. The Q series achieves superb audio performance because it’s designed for superior dynamic headroom and transient response, resulting in 30% greater output capability for short-duration signals. High-power Q99 & Q1212 models use sophisticated Class-H topology that dramatically reduces heat and cuts energy consumption by up to 50%, yielding racks that are easier to power and easier to cool. Smaller Q44 & Q66 models are based on the proven Class-AB designs of EV’s reference-standard P series. All models incorporate dynamic limiting to prevent dangerous output clipping, as well as extensive protections against thermal damage and electrical malfunction. Combining Class-H innovation with Class-AB sonic excellence and robustness, the compact, affordable Q series is the ideal amplifier line for all sizes of clubs, concerts, performance centers, and sports venues.
TOUR-GRADEDesigned for the most demanding applications in both touring and installed sound, EV’s ultra-reliable Tour Grade amplifiers offer a unique combination of output power, sonic excellence, and high efficiency, all in a compact, lightweight format that’s ideal for life on the road. Based on grounded-bridge Class-H topology, Tour Grade amps feature an integrated switch-mode power supply for maximum power per pound, with plenty of headroom to handle transient peaks and low loads. The optional RCM-26 remote control module adds state-of-the-art IRISNet ™-controlled DSP, including FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization, IIR filters, signal routing, level control, dynamics, and system supervision. Tour Grade represents the ultimate in high-power audio amplification.
Built for the toughest tours and high-profile installations, Precision series remote control amplifiers deliver superb concert sound in a rugged package that stands up to the rigors of the road. High-power Class-AB designs drive your boxes as hard as you need to get full, clear coverage. Ultra-low distortion keeps your sound clean even at peak volumes with heavy loads. And road-ready design features—dual power supplies, multiple fans, and complete electronic protection circuitry—keep the show going while safeguarding both your investment and your reputation. Long a staple of top touring companies, Precision series amplifiers are better than ever with the inclusion of the RCM-24 module, which brings P series amps under IRISNet control with state-of-the-art DSP technology. Offering system supervision, signal routing, IIR filters, level control, and dynamics, Precision series remote control amplifiers set the standard for professional concert sound.
The PA series of commercial power amplifiers is a favorite of installers everywhere for sound reinforcement, background music, paging, and public address systems. Featuring low-distortion amplifier electronics that are bridgeable for flexible power allocation, PA series amps provide a wide dynamic range with excellent headroom. An onboard limiter spares both amplifier and speakers from damaging transients, and a comprehensive thermal/electrical protection package ensures long-haul dependability. Equipped with Phoenix-style terminals for fast, easy hookup, PA series amps are housed in compact, rack-ready 2RU chassis with ample internal airflow and exceptionally quiet multi-stage fans. Models are available in a variety of output powers and channel configurations, several of which provide 70/100V output using low-distortion transformers. Offering outstanding versatility and longterm reliability, the PA series is a remarkable value for any installation application.
Compact Precision amplifiers combine outstanding audio performance with the highest-possible reliability and safety to create an ideal high-power solution for touring and rentals. Incorporating an innovative new switchmode power supply into Class-H technology, the CP series delivers clean headroom that is far above stated nominal output. This advanced design also results in improved performance-to-weight ratio for easier touring, reduced waste heat for closer rack spacing, and reduced power consumption for enhanced energy efficiency. A complete set of protection circuitry guards people and equipment against hazardous conditions, and a rigid, robust chassis, built to the highest precision manufacturing standards, ensures dependable operation on even the most grueling tours. With exceptionally clean power and tour-friendly touches that facilitate fast, flexible setup, Compact Precision amplifiers fulfill even the most demanding requirements of pro audio touring.